Audit Reconsideration


Believe you don’t owe it?

You Could Be Eligible For IRS Audit Reconsideration or Assessment Reconsideration

If the IRS has made an assessment against you, either by audit or because you didn’t file the return, you owe them the tax. The amount they claim might be wrong, however. You might have missed deadlines to protest an assessment against you.

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There are alternatives for you when you find you have missed the deadlines to dispute an assessment. We could assist you in the Internal Revenue Service review an amount they claim you owe, and make a determination whether you actually owe the tax. There are also numerous ways a taxpayer can dispute a tax that has been already assessed against them.

We often have our clients inform us that they had missed the deadline or that they had moved and had never received the notice from the IRS that they were preparing to assess a tax against them. Others have attempted to represent themselves in an audit and then unfortunately the outcome was a huge tax liability that they really don’t owe.

Some of our clients agree that they do owe an amount, however not the same that the IRS had assessed. Also, sometimes our clients have had representatives that didn’t adequately represent them.

No matter what the case, the tax has now been assessed and issue now becomes finding a solution to reduce the amount the IRS claims the taxpayer owes. Once a tax has been assessed, there are a few options to choose to protest that tax:

IRS Audit Reconsideration

There is a process known as an IRS Audit Reconsideration. If a taxpayer has information that the IRS did not know about or they have found some information that could reflect on the amount owed Audit Reconsideration can get the IRS to correct the amount they claim is owed by the Taxpayer. The taxpayer will have the chance to show during an IRS Audit Reconsideration that they really don’t owe the tax. The tax could be reduced or removed.

Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise or OIC can be filed merely based upon Doubt as to Liability. This process would entail the IRS being forced to determine whether or not the tax is really owed. Sometimes a settlement of a smaller percentage of the amount due can be agreed to.

Tax Court

This can be a great option if an assessment has been caught in time. If you really believe that you don’t owe the assessed tax amount, you can present the matter to a Judge. That Judge will then determine in Tax Court whether or not you actually owe the taxes.

Federal Court

In larger tax cases, it may be worth trying to get an order from the Federal Court that will prove that you do not owe the tax. The amount of the tax due must be significant for these cases to be warranted. Generally the actual tax must have been paid, and then a claim for refund must have been denied before taking it to court.

One thing you can know for sure: you will be in need of professional help if you have received tax assessment against you and you don’t really owe all or part of what the IRS claims is due.

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