Innocent Spouse

We Help Clear Your Tax Record of Your Spouse’s Tax Liability

Martelle Law has helped many clients who have been held responsible for tax liability that was a result of a current or previous spouse. Often, the client did not have anything to do with the creation of the tax liability. It was solely the result of actions of their current or former spouse. These people believe that they should not be held responsible for that liability, since they had nothing to do with incurring it.

Fortunately, in these instances there is a program for the victim. The IRS has instituted a program called Innocent Spouse. If you qualify, you may be released from the liability of tax from a current or previous spouse.

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There are various reasons a person could be found to be an Innocent Spouse by the IRS. A couple of the more common reasons are the result of a failed business owned and operated solely by their husband or wife and whose sole fault it is that there is a tax liability Another reason might be where a previous spouse may have chosen to not pay their taxes and the other spouse had no control or ability to get them paid

In cases of joint liability, the IRS will attempt to collect from whomever is convenient and available to collect from. This is often the innocent spouse.

Sometimes a previous spouse will have a tax liability and an innocent taxpayer’s tax refund may be seized to cover it. It is often possible to recover the refund. This one of a variety of ways in which the IRS will seek to recover the taxes from a spouse who in all actuality does not have any responsibility of the taxes owed. It is simply a matter of the IRS trying to collect from anyone they consider responsible. An application for Innocent Spouse may clear one spouse from liability.

It is not easy to qualify for Innocent Spouse status. It is necessary to be able to prove that it was indeed the fault of the other spouse. The taxpayer that is seeking the status of Innocent Spouse is going to have to establish the proof that they weren’t involved in the accumulation of the tax liability.

There are several ways to establish that a person is an Innocent Spouse. The rules can be quite complicated. The IRS does not automatically grant a request.. With this is mind, we would strongly recommend that you attain the help of an accomplished Tax Attorney to help you with your case in seeking the relief that results from obtaining Innocent Spouse status.

Martelle Law will help you navigate the necessary qualifications to ensure your application is successful.

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