Non Collectible Status

The IRS uses two phrases for describing the status of past due taxes which are deemed not collectible: “Non Collectible Status” or “Currently Not Collectible.” Both of these phrases mean the same thing. What you should know about these phrases is that the IRS may defer collection efforts if you can manage to gain official entry to these categories. This simple strategy can help you buy time until you resolve your tax liability issues.

Once the IRS files a “Notice of Intent to Levy,” or has started any other steps to collect money from you, you may be in jeopardy of paycheck wage garnishment, bank account seizures or be in danger of having your assets taken and sold. Immediate steps are necessary to protect your assets from seizure.

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What You Need To Know About Non Collectible Status

If our tax attorneys are able to assist you in receiving a Non Collectible Status with the IRS, you might get some breathing room. Keep in mind that this is not like an Offer in Compromise in that the IRS is not going to entirely write off and remove those back taxes. If you are designated as an individual with a Non Collectible Status, you will have until your finances improve to the extent than you can make payments. This option provides taxpayers with the time they need to get themselves in a stronger financial position so that they can make arrangements to pay the taxes at the end of the Non Collectible Status agreement period.

Martelle Law is proud to have successfully represented many clients seeking Non Collectible Status. You might qualify for this special program if you find that you do not have the extra income to pay off your debts and you need your entire paycheck to cover all essential living expenses.

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