Our Staff

Martin Martelle Martin (Marty) MartelleMarty is the owner of the firm. He has been practicing law for 30 years. His area of expertise is in Tax Problem Resolution, complicated Bankruptcy matters and Business Bankruptcy. Martin Martelle is a nationally known expert in Tax Problem Resolution. He has presented seminars for Attorneys all over the United States regarding Solving IRS Tax Problems. He is the owner of Attorneys Tax Group, a national organization dedicated to assisting Attorneys in learning how to represent clients before the IRS.



Taryn Basauri Taryn BasauriTaryn is a Tax Paralegal. She is responsible for assisting our Attorneys in State Tax Commission matters. She is also responsible for IRS Appeals, Installment Agreements and other collection matters. She is our first point of contact with the IRS and State Tax Authorities.
Dena Basauri Dena BasauriDena is a paralegal with the firm. Her duties place her in charge of the Offers in Compromise in the firm. She reports directly to Martin Martelle and works closely with him on all Offers. Dena is very well versed in the nuances of OIC’s.
Traci HossfeldTraci is the Bankruptcy Paralegal with the firm and works directly under the supervision of our Attorneys in all bankruptcy matters pertaining to financial relief through a Chapter 7, 11, or 13.  Traci has over five (5) years of experience in the legal field; is a certified Legal Secretary, earning her diploma from ITT Technical Institute; and is also a graduate of Brown Mackie College, earning her Associate of Science degree in their Paralegal program.
Jacquelyn Walker Jacquelyn WalkerJacquelyn functions as our receptionist. She is our first point of contact with our clients. She is the person who schedules our appointments, relays information from the Attorneys and generally insures smooth communication with our clients and prospective clients.


Martin Martelle also owns The Tax Group, LLC. The Tax Group is a tax preparation and accounting firm. The Tax Group employs an Accountant to assist clients with getting Unfiled Tax Returns filed and with Accounting matters.