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Do you have State Tax Problems?

Our Tax Attorneys have State Tax Solutions!

We are a tax problem resolution law firm with highly experienced Tax Lawyers!

Our tax attorneys are here to help provide clients with solutions for their State Tax problems throughout the United States.

Martelle, Bratton, & Associates is a leader in resolving the State Tax problems of individuals, couples and businesses. With over 10 years of experience in tax law, we have dedicated ourselves to helping taxpayers like you in overcoming tax-related difficulties.

If you find yourself in a demanding predicament with a state tax agency, then let us provide tax help you alleviate your stress. Our tax attorneys will handle all your tax-related problems in a professional, tough and thorough manner. Let our years of success work for you.

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For a No Obligation consultation to have your IRS problems analyzed by a competent and experienced Tax Lawyer, contact us at:

1 877 TAX CREW (877 829-2739) or 208 938-8500

Or, fill out our online form and find out what we can do to assist you. We offer a No Obligation consultation to all clients, and special payment plans to those who need them.

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