Have you filed your 2007 Federal tax return? If you have not, you may be entitled to an unclaimed refund. Currently, the Internal Revenue Service is holding over 1 billion dollars in unclaimed tax money and some of it could be yours!

The IRS approximates that there are nearly 1.5 million people who would be entitled to a refund for the year 2007 if they filed their return. If you have not filed a Federal tax return for 2007, you need to act fast if you want to receive the refund you’re entitled to!

The IRS allows tax payers three years from the date the taxes are due to file a return and claim their refund. That means that if the IRS owes you a Federal tax refund for 2007, you must file the return on or before April 15, 2011. If you do not file a return to formally claim your refund by this time, the money will become legal property of the United States Treasury and you will lose the opportunity at receiving the money you are owed.

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There are many reasons a tax return may go unfiled however there is always a way to catch up. If the IRS owes you a refund, you need to file your taxes immediately! Please contact our office to schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your tax matter with an experienced, skilled attorney who can help.

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