IRS Steps Up Collection Enforcement

It is no secret among tax professionals that the Internal Revenue Service has begun attempting to collect past due taxes with a vengeance.  It appears from what we are seeing that there is a definite trend towards the IRS taking a much harsher position with taxpayers who have past due taxes.

The IRS has an incredible amount of power available to them to collect taxes.  Once they have sent a series of notices they can seize assets such as vehicles or business assets.  They can levy on bank accounts and take all funds in the account.  They can also levy on paychecks taking most of the paycheck.  A paycheck levy continues until the total of taxes, penalties and interest is paid in full, unless it is released.  In some circumstances they can even sell a person’s home out from under them and apply the proceeds to the tax liability.

The stunning part of these collection alternatives is that once they have sent the notices they can seize the assets, bank accounts or paycheck without any court action or other notices to the taxpayer.

What this means to taxpayers is that once they start getting collection notices from the IRS that they should contact a Tax Attorney and take steps to insure that the matter is resolved without seizure.  There are a number of things that a Tax Professional can do to avoid levy.  Some of them are(for more information click on the item):

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