Tax Resolution Firms Under Investigation for False Promises

Settle your taxes for Pennies on the Dollar, True or False……Beware.

Many companies promise to settle your taxes for a small portion of what you owe through an offer in Compromise.

The following is an exerpt from an article that was recently published:

With the April 18th tax deadline a month away, tax relief companies have increased late night advertising and Internet promotions promising to settle delinquent IRS debt for pennies on the dollar. Several of these companies are under investigation for deceptive practices.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office has initiated a civil inquiry into Texas based Tax Masters and South Carolina based JK Harris and Company following the receipt of 26 and 92 complaints respectively. These companies solicit clients nationwide promising to reduce anxiety and debt to the IRS.

Tax Masters is being investigated for allegations of unfair competition and deceptive trade. The Texas and Minnesota attorneys general also filed civil charges of deceptive and unfair trade practices against them in 2010.

JK Harris and Company is under investigation for allegedly violating a 2008 settlement with Florida and 17 other states over what regulators said were misleading sales tactics. Among the allegations were false claims that case processors were former IRS agents or tax experts and that the company failed to provide refunds for clients it was unable to help. State officials say JK Harris is cooperating with the investigation.

Buyers Beware of False Promises

The best thing a consumer can do is to check the Better Business Bureau for ratings on any Law Firm or other company they hire. Check the website of anyone you are thinking about hiring for the BBB logo.

It is always safer to hire an attorney than an non attorney, because the Bar Associations provide consumers with protection.

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