Who Can I Trust With My Tax Problems?

Who Can I Trust With My Tax Problems? Ronnie Duetch charged criminally, Tax Masters sued by Attorney Generals, What can I do to insure that I hire the right firm?

Tax Problem Resolution Firms that advertise that they settle taxes for “Pennies on the Dollar” and make false promises about what they can accomplish are being prosecuted and sued to stop their deceptive practices.

Ronnie Deutch has shut down her firm amid criminal charges, civil lawsuits and has surrendered her license to practice law.

Tax Masters has been sued by the California Attorney General for deceptive practices.

JK Harris has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have been sued by at least 3 Attorney Generals and have paid Six Million in damages to settle one lawsuit.


The most obvious answer is to hire a reputable attorney to represent you. But, how do you know if someone is reputable. One simple way is to check out the Better Business Bureau rating on a firm you are considering hiring. Make certain that they are “A” rated.

Another is to beware of what salesmen tell you. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Offers in Compromise are settlements with the IRS. But, to get an OIC accepted, you must be in a position where the IRS is convinced that you are not going to be able to pay the taxes and it is in the governments best interest to settle.

In our office we tell many people that they simply don’t qualify for an Offer. We do a very careful analysis of people’s financial situation and tell them the truth. That is why we are a Better Business “A+” rated firm. See our rating at:

For a completely candid analysis of your tax situation, please feel free to contact us at: www.martellelaw.org

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