Tax Court Representation

Successful Outcomes in Tax Court Proceedings

Once the Internal Revenue Service takes action against a taxpayer, potential disaster is on the way! Taxes can be assessed and then assets may be seized. The taxes may or may not be owed. Once assessed, tax liens will be filed along and other collection action taken.

In many of these cases, if you disagree with the proposed IRS action, you are allowed to go to Tax Court and have a judge review the actions of the IRS to determine if they are proper and warranted. Positive results can often be attained when a judge decides the matter as opposed to pursuing other IRS avenues.

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Here are a few of the procedures that can lead you to tax court:

These various court actions can be quite tricky and you have to beware of the many pitfalls you could encounter if you tackle these issues by yourself. However, if properly handled, going to tax court could result in your being able to resolve your IRS problems.

Usually, you will have deadlines that must be met in order to file court proceedings. However, there are often avenues to pursue even if the original deadline is not met within the appropriate time frame.

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