Tax Problems




“What exactly can the IRS do to me?”

When it comes to collecting taxes, the IRS has an incredible amount of power. Using federal laws, this governmental agency can utilize a bevy of tools to get what it wants. The best known tools are the following:

  • assess penalties
  • impose a lien on your home
  • seize your property
  • freeze your assets
  • audit your tax returns and even investigate your spouse.

Compliance is important, but how you comply can be even more important.

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Don’t ignore the IRS, it only makes matters worse. When taxes are due, the IRS will not leave you alone until you have either paid up or made other arrangements. As penalties and interest mount, your stress will rise as well.

“What can an expert tax attorney do for me?”

Finding the right tax attorney with knowledge, experience and professionalism can make or break a deal with the IRS. Martelle Law has been handling our client’s extensive IRS tax problems for over 10 years. We can negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. We also have an amazingly high success rate.

Let us ease your mind and help relieve your tax stress. Let us deal with the IRS calls and letters and then negotiate the best deal possible so you can continue to make the most of your life, family, time and work.

“I can’t find my old W2. Do I have to have it to work with you?”

The success of your pending negotiations with the IRS depends largely upon the status and accuracy of your tax returns. It is important that your tax returns are current and correct. To assist you in this matter, one of our specialties is completing and filing your Unfiled Tax Returns.

It’s always helpful to have your W2 form and other information, but we can work with you even if you can’t find your old tax documents or expense receipts. Please don’t delay in contacting our office if you want help preparing those overdue tax returns.  We can usually obtain information concerning amounts that were reported as being paid to you.

Let Martelle Law Offices assist you with your tax problems.

Attorney Martin “Marty” Martelle and his staff have an extensive amount of experience representing clients with various kinds of IRS tax problems. Martelle and his associates represent clients throughout the United States.  The firm is aggressive, tough and highly skilled.

More About Us

Our practice is strongly focused on all matters associated to Internal Revenue Service tax problems.  With over 10 years of experience in assisting clients in IRS-related problems, our skilled tax attorneys provide the highest quality tax assistance possible.

Our attorneys are here to represent those who have fallen behind on their IRS tax obligations. Knowing that our clients are in need of help getting back on their feet again, we are committed in using our extensive expertise and skill to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf.

We can and will find a solution for both businesses and individuals.

To contact us, email or call. We will contact you to discuss how we can aid you with your tax problem.

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to all clients, and we have special payment plans for those in need.